General Description 


Orange is present worldwide through its affiliates in Europe, Africa and in various regions of the world. To link together these 29 countries and its 250 millions of customers worldwide, Orange has deployed a very large optical transport network, comprising national/domestic and European fibre backbone as well as submarine cables.

With the explosion of internet traffic (VoD, cloud and business services, web…), Orange uses the most advanced transmission technologies, deploying widely 100G and 200G WDM systems in a cost-effective way. With more than 3000 researchers working on Services and Networks, Orange Labs is one of the most important R&D labs among operators. A team of five people (permanent staff, PhD students and Post-docs) is currently working on WDM transport and the corresponding transmission techniques, including advanced modulation formats and digital signal processing algorithms, digital non-linear equalization, multi-band WDM systems, multi-core fiber-doped amplifiers…


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