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PhD Award by ESR2, Pedro Freire

Congratulations to ESR2, Pedro Freire, who successfully defended his PhD degree at AiPT, Aston University.

February 2023

                PhD Award by ESR6, Diogo Sequeira

Congratulations to Diogo Sequeira who successfully defended his PhD degree at Universitat Politicnica de Catalunya, the awarded mark was Excellent Cum Laude. The title of his thesis is “Exploiting optical signal analysis for autonomous communications”.

Now Diogo is starting a new position of Systems Design Engineer at Infinera?

Graduate Student Scholarship Award

We are proud of our ESR, Pedro J. Freire, who has received the prestigious IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Scholarship Award for outstanding achievements in applications of machinelearning methods in opticalcommunications .

The ceremony was held at the IEEE Photonics Society’s flagship meeting in Vancouver, Canada.
Congratulations, Pedro and all recipients.

November 2022


                ONDM 2022 Mohammad and Masab presented their work

Mohannad ESR1, and Masab, ESR 5 presented their work at the ONDM 2022 conference, 16-19 May 2022, on “Long-term cost-effectiveness of metro networks exploiting point-to-multipoint transceivers” and
“Quantum bit retransmission using universal quantum copying machine”, respectively.

Pint of Science – Pedro was the host of the event

9 May 2022


                Mohammad, Pedro and Masab presented their work at OFC2022

Mohannad ESR1, Pedro, ESR2, and Masab, ESR 5 presented their work OFC 2022 conference, on 7 March 2022. Mohammad and Masab obtained oral presentation, while Pedro presented his poster.

                REAL-NET Transferable Skills Workshop III (TSW III)

The Workshop on 24-25th March 2022 was focused on career planning, job market, CVs and interview skills.

More information here.

3rd year REAL-NET workshop

24 January 2022


REAL-NET Research Bulletin. Italian edition

?Find out more about our ESR’s topics, theses, and current progress.
Click here to open the bulletin


Globecome 2021 – Mohammad oral presentation

6 December 2021


Mini-Symposium: Machine Learning Techniques and Research Challenges

24 November 2021 remotely online. More information

Mini-Symposium: Machine Learning Techniques and Research Challenges

Mini-Symposium: Machine Learning Techniques and Research Challenges

ACP2021 – Mohammad and Pedro presented their work with an oral presentation

25 October 2021


OTAW1 and Mini-symposium on Digital Signal Processing in Optical Fiber Communication

25 October 2021

More details here.

REAL-NET IEEE Day Brochure

?To celebrate IEEE Day we prepared a brochure about the connection of the topic “LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW” with the project REAL-NET.

Click here to open the brochure

REAL-NET Research Bulletin. English edition

?Find out more about our ESR’s topics, theses, and current progress.
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ECOC 2021, 13-16 September, France

ESR6, Diogo Sequeira gave a talk about his work at UPC and Infinera, “Lightweight Optical Constellation Modeling by Concatenating Artificial Neural Networks”.
Also, Diogo is a co-author of another oral presentation,A”n Autoencoder-Based Solution for IQ Constellation Analysis”.

ESR2, Pedro Freire, has an accepted paper as a co-author, Neural Networks For Nonlinear Fourier Spectrum Computation”.

Also, one REAL-NET ESR4, Jamal Darweesh is a volunteer at the conference.

We are proud that our consortium members have a lot of talks at the ECOC-2021 conference. Please find more details here.

IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topicals Meeting Series 2021

REAL-NET consortium members gave their talks at the virtual event Summer Topicals Meeting Series 2021.

Topic: Ultra-wideband Optical Fiber Communication Systems (UWB)

System Modelling and Networking II session chaired by Antonio Napoli, Infinera Munich
Nelson Costa and João Pedro, Infinera Unipessoal, Lda, Portugal
«Comparison of Cost-effective Solutions to Increase the Capacity of Regional Optical Transport Networks»

Optical Networks session
Erwan Pincemin, Orange, France
«Towards Multi-Band WDM Systems with Hundreds of Terabit/s Transported on a Single-Mode Fiber»

IEEE 2021

OSA Advanced Photonics Congress 2021, 26-30 July 2021 online

We are proud to announce that 3 REAL-NET ESRs will give their talks at the Advanced Photonics Congress 2021:
Pedro Freire (ESR2): “Power and Modulation Format Transfer Learning for Neural Network Equalizers in Coherent Optical Transmission Systems”
Mohannad Abu-Romoh (ESR3): “Low Complexity Convolutional Neural Networks for Equalization in Optical Fiber Transmission”
Diogo Sequeira (ESR6): “Filtering Impact on High-Order Modulation Formats in Hybrid Filterless and Filtered Optical Metro Networks”

The OSA Advanced Photonics Congress is a broad-spectrum, in-depth event comprised of five topical meetings that primarily cover the latest advancements in optical materials, optical signal processing, optical communications, and integrated optics.

It addresses the many aspects of photonic device research and development and their use in networks. Integrated photonic circuits and stand-alone components such as switches and modulators in silicon, lll-V, graphene and polymer material systems are covered, as well as nanophotonic and quantum devices and concepts. Novel materials such as metamaterials, plasmonic materials, and other specially designed materials and their potential use in devices are examined as well as advances in materials with optical gain, nonlinear optical materials, novel optical glasses and crystals and ceramics. The latest advances in optical interconnects, switching technologies, signal processing, photovoltaic solar cells, light emitting diodes and network virtualization are also presentation topics.

ESR2, Pedro gave a talk at the OFC-2021 Conference.

“Experimental Study of Deep Neural Network Equalizers Performance in Optical Links”

05-09 June 2021

Online Course on Design challenges for next generation optical networks, 5-6 July 2021 remotely online.

Organised by Politecnico di Torino and Infinera Portugal for ETN WON and REAL-NET

OTAW3 on Neuromorphic Photonics

REAL-NET is co-organiser of the 11th Optoelectronics and Photonics Summer School NMP2021, Neuromorphic photonics, 20-26 June 2021 Monte-Bondone, Trento, Italy (online and in person).

For more information on the event and registration please visit NMP2021.


The secondment for all the ESRs with Infinera started on November 2020 remotely. Due to Covid-19 pandemic remote secondments will take place until November 2021. After that, hopefully, REAL-NET ESRs will go to the secondments in person.


International Day of Woman In Engineering

To celebrate INWED2021 and rainse the profile of Woman In Engineering, EC Project Managers at AiPT produced a poster.

download to view here


21st May 2021.

TWO REAL-NET ESRs gave their talks on recent research activities. Mohammad Hosseini (ESR1) spoke about “Cost-efficient Networking” and Pedro J. Freire (ESR2) spoke about “Neural Network Application in Optical Channel Equalization”.

Research brochure DAY OF LIGHT 2021

REAL-NET researchers described how the projects relate to the concept of “light”
Read the brochure

REAL-NET Transferable Skills Workshop II (TSW II)

22nd-24th March 2021 remotely online due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Workshop will be focused on entrepreneurship skills, project management and science communication.


Lake Como School and OTAW2 on SINO methos and applications

15-19th March 2021 remotely online due to COVID-19 pandemic.

105 participants included the speakers, A GREAT SUCCESS!

ESR2, Pedro had a paper accepted and gave a talk at ECOC2020 (@ECOC_Conference).


First publication on Journal of lighwave technology for our ESR2, Pedro.

Good work to Pedro and to all the other researchers. Great collaboration within @AstonUniversity@Infinera and Telecom Italia.

Electrical Engineering Artificial Intelligence Day

19th November 2020 via online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

17th November 2020, Outreach activity 

Pedro J. Freire (ESR2) presented his research on ” Complex-Valued Neural Network Design for Mitigation of Signal Distortions in Optical Links in Highly Nonlinear Regimes” at @aston_osa_spie.

2nd year REAL-NET technical workshop

5h November 2020 via online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

28th October 2020 virtually and online.

Mini-Symposium on “numerical implementation of Bayesian filtering for signal equalisation and demodulation”. More information here

7-8th September 2020

Mini-symposium on introduction to machine learning, virtually and online. More information here.

21st May 2020, Outreach activity 

Mohammad (ESR1) and Diogo (ESR6) participated at an Outreach event where they shared their PhD experience with MSc students.

9th March 2020

Project’s coordinator, Sergei, is representing REAL-NET at the OFC2020,together with some WON team members.

3rd March 2020, Outreach activity with Aston Osa Spie

Outreach activity for Pedro and Mohammad, with the Aston Osa Spie.

27-28th February 2020, REAL-NET Transferable Skills Workshop I (TSW I)

The first Transferable Skills Workshop of REAL-NET took place at Aston University.

26th February 2020, 1st year REAL-NET workshop

The 1st year REAL-NET and WON technical workshop took place on 26th February 2020 at Aston University Birmingham, UK

24th February 2020, Outreach activity for the project managers

Project Mangers leads Outreach Activity aiming at ERASMUS Mundus students.

13th February 2020, Mid-term check meeting

REAL-NET mid-term check meeting with our Project Officer has been carried out on Thursday 13th February 2020 in Brussels.

Registration are now open for the Open-To-All NFT workshop, organized by our sister project FONTE, at TU Delft the 4-5th  Feb 2020. The workshop will feature an exciting mix of theory/computational aspects of NFT with a hands-on session trying out the latest NFT software. Please share the website with colleagues.

18-19th November 2019, REAL-NET Induction

The first REAL-NET scientific training event has taken place on 18-19 Nov 2019 at Infinera premises in Munich, together with our sister project WON. The aim of this Induction is to get our ESRs uo to sepeed with technology.

1st November 2019

Antonio from Infinera is meeting the new ESRs (Diogo and Vishwanath) in Barcelona. 

24th September 2019

REAL-NET management meeting at ECOC2019 Dublin.

9th July 2019

Deliverable D6.1 REAL-NET website completed. pdf

23rd June 2019

CLEO Europe 2019! This week REAL-NET will be represented at CLEO/EUROPE-EQEC (Munich, Germany 23-27 June 2019). 

1st March 2019

Going to OFC 2019! This week REAL-NET will be represented at The optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC; San Diego 3-7 March 2019). 

February 2019

REAL-NET is  recruiting! Full details of the 6 positions in photonics technologies available can be found  here.

January 2019

REAL-NET kick-off meeting

REAL-NET had its first network-wide gathering during the kick-off meeting at Infinera (29th January 2019, Munich, Germany).